How To Avoid "Stressmass"

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How to stop being in a tailspin and find your flow this holiday season.

Is that tinsel you're wearing or are you just pleased to be reading me? 

A little personally made Mojo xmas joke that I sent to my Monday Mojo© tribe this week pre Christmas - still making myself lol at it though.  

Okaaaay (I can hear a pin drop so - I will not make that my day job...)

Moving on, if you're reading this and follow my Mojo, podcast or videos, then chances are you know and understand the principles of mindset - and the power of what you think about expands. 

The crucial element is to APPLY that knowledge. 

...And to realise that you may (even unwittingly) be creating a self fulfilling prophecy of feeling stressed, lack, overwhelm, anxiety about dealing with relatives, traffic, money, gifting, work to do, travel and COVID testing (thought I would throw that in for good measure). 

During times of "busy-ness" we fast forget about our principles of being productive and feeling in flow - and let the seasons stressy-ness seep in.... until it's 5 days to go and you may have almost reached break point. 

When we get there, all we do is worry about how much there is to do, how little we have done and how dreaded the "get togethers are".

+ If you run your own business add that on top of family time as well in terms of mental capacity. It's all in the ecosystem.

- The main thing to remember is by focusing on what we don't want to happen -  we may actually be lining ourselves up for precisely that - more of the stress than less. 

- I know you think that is impossible, but to be honest the science around manifestations, awareness and the power of our thoughts proves that what we think about expands. 

I call it part of emotional intelligence. "Acute awareness of the story you choose to buy into, that will no doubt, in some way or another, form your reality". 

If we want a different reality then we need to re-write the script we tell ourselves.

We actually KNOW this - but we don't practice it with enough conviction to see if it actually works. 

To put this in simple terms

  1. A) Do you want to water the weeds (negative thoughts of frustration, lack, fear, shame, anxiety, and pain points, "Christmas is the same every year, "this is so stressful"


  1. B) Water the flowers - pouring energy into what you can control, how you show up with grace and make decisions from a fresh perspective. "This year is a lot smoother, I will go with the flow", "let's just do what is manageable and enjoy each day", "How lucky is it we can be together despite all the chaos in the world". 

If we want to have more flow and less force, then it requires bravery to let go of the stories that everything is difficult.

Here are 3 radically simple tips to shift your mindset - > adjust the internal script and give yourself permission to redirect mental traffic this Christmas:

  1.  It’s not ALL urgent. don’t put your yourself in a tailspin this Christmas to have everything done and perfect - it’s not worth it. Sometimes just doing your best means being able to leave the “rest on your list” until another time.

  2.  Flow not force. Trying to fit everyone in and everything in with resentment built up by the fact it "has to be that way" - is a recipe for disaster. If multi-stop Xmas days are a must due to custody or shared family get togethers then make sure you are present and be there with purpose.

If you can't change it - don't complain about it! Focus on the smallest elements of gratitude and don't take the little things for granted. If you need to take a step back and rearrange a schedule that is better suited and makes more sense to all - be brave enough to put the idea out there.

  1.  No more excessive expectations, we all do it to ourselves. Give yourself a break and take your foot off the accelerator just for now - you’ll be 10 x more happier and productive anyways. Ask for help, delegate out dishes and dinners, communicate to clients about your away dates and how to reach you for urgent matters and be OK with that.

There are definitely many things out of our control (LIFE) it is how we deal with it that matters (PERSPECTIVE).

We can have all the tips and tools in the world - but if we don't apply them with the willingness and discipline to flip the script - then we will stay addicted to the old stories and nothing will change. 

Swop the "stress" for less!


I'll have 3 emails for you this week - this one (see below for a radical thanks special), a Wisdom Wednesday why it's so darn crucial to try new things and keep an essence of experience and play and later in the week a feel good Friday inspo from the "Niktionary". plus some #radicalshares of selfies sent in of you guys with the book! 

Whenever you do read this - I just want to say thanks again and have THE most terrific, safe and sensational Christmas.

Life isn't a dress rehearsal so enjoy every bit you can.

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Nikki x

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