"No (entrepreneurial) life or any kind of life should be filled with anxiety, overwhelm and depression. You do not need to accept that as the flip side of success."

Nikki Fogden-Moore, The Mojo Maker© 


GOING GANG BUSTERS! "RADICAL SELF BELIEF:" The Essential Roadmap For Sustainable Success


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As a Global Quantum Coach, it is my mission to help create a world that is lead by extraordinary humans achieving personal and professional success. To ensure that high achieving leaders – both established and emerging - have the tools to harness their 'mojo' and thrive with vitality, confidence, courage and conviction. I’ve created my signature “Mojo Maker©” framework to provide you with the essential roadmap that puts you in the drivers seat of your own life, allowing a whole new dimension for truly centred and aligned decision making.

Come join me to find out how you can be the CEO of your life as well as your business and to master the art of the work/life blend effortlessly. Because no entrepreneurial life or any kind of life should be filled with anxiety, overwhelm and depression. You do not need to accept that as a flip side of success.

Everybody deserves to have the absolute best dream team, pit crew and resources around them to assist with their purpose and flow in life as a leader both at home and at work.


The Mojo Maker©

Nikki Fogden-Moore, known as the Mojo Maker©, specialises in Quantum Coaching for the world’s best leaders. She works with high performing men and women, together with established and emerging entrepreneurs, to guide them in their transformation from overwhelm to sustainable success.
Nikki's trademark Mojo Maker© framework ensures extraordinary leaders excel personally and professionally, regain their' mojo' and thrive with vitality, confidence, courage and conviction.

As a high performance expert, Nikki’s 25 years of experience working in both corporate and wellness arenas, allow her to elevate her intuitive and passionate life ethos to thrive in challenging, high pressure environments. Nikki’s proven set of  highly accurate intuitive skills make her a remarkable coach and asset to clients in and out of the boardroom.

"My unequivocal mission is to ensure the world's wealth is handled by the very best souls  - so we have a commercial landscape that is deeply rooted in community, collaboration and co-creation. That you no longer need to "run to the hills" to discover peace and harmony at the top - and great value-lead leadership is a requirement for our world to truly thrive and prosper. At any level.  For we are all leaders in life".  Nikki 

Creating on purpose. Her models such as Winning Weeks©, The Truth Matrix™, The QDM™ series and the Vitality Bank© are proven tools for both teams and individuals in leadership.
Nikki is an engaging, empowering and authentic voice in her industry having published books such as Vitality, Fitpreneur and the latest Radical Self Belief, as well as a suite of market leading tailored digital products and courses outlined in “The Mojo Maker Academy©.”
She is the founder of the exclusive Boardroom Retreats and the newly launched The Boat Boardroom™ and the creator of the renowned podcast Youtube channel “The Mojo Maker Show.”

As well as a Bachelor of Commerce and over a decade’s experience in advertising and global brand strategy, Nikki was head trainer for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine and is a regularly featured contributor and speaker for the worlds biggest local and international business and lifestyle media brands. 

With over 20 years coaching, mentoring, writing and speaking Nikki has worked with the worlds leading brands and their teams. 

As well as having a Bachelor of Commerce and over a decade’s experience in advertising and global brand strategy, Nikki was head trainer for Women’s Health & Fitness magazine for 5 years. She is a regular contributor to and often featured in business and lifestyle publications.


Get your complete 7 checkpoints to sustainable success to create a year ahead and a life like never before. Access to the videos, worksheets, inspiration and practical tools on how you can get in the driver's seat of life, work - and break up with overwhelm for good.



After establishing retreats for incredible leaders since 2004 - From Aspen to Fiji, Spain & Queenstown to Noosa -   2022 marked the evolution of my trademarked official Boardroom Retreat© series. Designed around legacy, sustainability and unlocking seamless success. Enquire about my newest and most special editions for 2023 in Noosa, Australia.  



A culmination of leadership, luxury and one of a kind coaching. The Boardroom Retreat© series has taken on a whole new level with my newest and most special edition - The BOAT BOARDROOM RETREAT. Invitation only and as of 2022 we open it up for private and bespoke group bookings.  For more information enquire below. 

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I see myself as a navigator for my clients. In the trenches - shining light down the path ahead and working on multiple dimensions. Leaders are not defined by title but rather by attitude, action and their ability to create impact. 

Until recently I never shared the details of the extra super powers or how I worked. However now I feel is the perfect time to do exactly that and let that extra insight add extreme value throughout not only my coaching work but also the models, books and content I create.

What I do know, after over a decade of high performance coaching with extraordinary leaders, I have finally refined and found that magic formula from discovery, connection, to onboarding and outstanding results.

This means if you work with me, we work together. There are regular milestones and checkpoints where we do a pin drop on coordinates and make sure everything is aligned. Working with true purpose, albeit confronting at times should be both exhilarating and liberating. What ever way we connect I trust that I can inspire you to see leadership in a whole new way.